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The best Volkswagen Specialty Repair shop in the Akron, Canton and Cleveland Ohio

You wouldn’t let your mechanic work on your car without knowing exactly what they were doing, would you?

At DAP Repair, we believe that the same should be true for your VW. We’re a shop specializing in maintenance, repair and performance for Volkswagen vehicles. We serve the Akron, Canton and Cleveland area. We are your Volkswagen Dealership Alternative!

When you bring your car to us for maintenance, oil changes, brake servicing or any other repairs, we know you want to make sure we’re using the right parts for your vehicle—and that we’re not cutting corners when we get to work. That’s why we only use top-quality parts from our trusted suppliers.

We also understand that part of maintaining a relationship with customers is keeping them informed about what’s going on with their car so they can feel confident about their decisions. That’s why we provide detailed service invoices with every visit so you always know exactly what was done and how much it cost.

Common VW Issues

Since we specialize we know the common issues on the most popular VW models.  What that means to you is that we diagnose your car properly and quickly.  This prevents inexperienced mechanics from throwing parts at your car in an effort to repair  it.  This saves you time and money, so you can get back to your busy life!

We cater to all the models of this brand, even the latest ones including:

Golf R

If you are in our area, you never have to worry about your vehicle maintenance.  Just schedule an appointment and we can get all of your cars issues resolved!

Sounds, Smells and Lights on your VW

These are often issues that you may notice during normal operation of your VW, but tracking them down may be a little more challenging.

  • Smells

Smells often indicate your car is burning, or leaking something.  This is generally something like Oil or Engine Coolant.  This will drip down on exhaust pipes or other hot engine parts and be burned.

  • Sounds

Sounds can be engine noises, suspension creaks or even brake squeaks.  These are not issues your should ignore  as they could have long term consequences if not taken care of.  These can be things like work bushings, brake pads, or a worn component in your engine, which is in need of replacement.

  • Lights

Engine lights, Brake lights, ABS lights, TPMS lights, the list goes on and on.  Lights on your dash could range from a very small issue, to a emissions concern that has no impact on your vehicle performance, to a major issue that needs to be addressed right away.  When you bring your VW to us, our job is diagnose your vehicle and offer the best solution for your vehicle.


Trust in your VW repair shop is a massively important factor to most people.  You are not a car expert,  and knowing that the shop who is working on your car has your best interest in mind is a huge weight lifted off you.  For this reason one of the DAP Repair owners has been making helpful and insight VW related videos for many years now.  He shares his expertise and experience through hundreds of YouTube videos, which you can find HERE.  Our goal is to offer as much transparency through your vehicle repair process!

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